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Dudes Together is a website for thinking about close male relationships. Particularly, buddies, brothers, roommates.

Dudes Together is a website for thinking about close male relationships. Particularly, buddies, brothers, roommates.

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Interested to read through your internet site

Hey, i do believe your tale is truly sweet. If only you best wishes along with your friendship ??

many thanks with this web site. really. At the very least there was an added individual within the globe whom seems just how i actually do

Phillip we figure there nearly constantly is element of my hope for this website had been bringing them (us) out from the woodwork take a moment to share just as much or as low as you would like, anywhere on this web site.

This can be a really interesting website. Im struggling with your problems myself at this time. Within the year that is past made the essential great relationship with another man, but things were created more difficult by the truth that Im directly, hitched with children and twenty years avove the age of him and hes homosexual. I’ve no fascination with a intimate relationship with him, however the psychological connection is extremely strong and I also think we do love one another. It really is such a challenging destination to take in some instances, mostly because my partner of twenty years simply cant understand just why i like hanging out I get from the friendship with him and what.

I stumbled upon your website in look for answers about my emotions toward my companion, and discovered that Im in an identical situation to your bro. My closest friend is directly (and most likely never as available to attempting things so i really dont know or care what label I fit into when it comes to sexual orientation than you seem to be), and I thought I was straight until I started to realize I had very strong feelings and attractions toward him. I must say I dont know very well what to accomplish I should ell him how I feel, etc, but smooch nyc reading about your situation at least makes me feel like Im not the only one out there in a similar situation about it, whether or not. My concern to you is how did your bro turn out for your requirements? did you already fully know he had been homosexual? I suppose my biggest fear is jeopardizing my relationship over making him uncomfortable about my attraction to him. Anyhow, we look ahead to reading a lot more of your site, and many thanks for heading out on a limb and causeing the weblog.

@inlove: greeting and Im pleased you found this there dont appear to be a large amount of guys unexpectedly on the fence similar to this, but that doesnt mean we dont need to encourage one another.

We suppose I style of knew pretty early soon after we started chilling out. It had been never ever a deal that is big me personally in either case. I do believe that managed to get much easier to anticipate exactly just how hed respond in regards to real contact. In addition caused it to be a small harder with regards to the psychological contact we had been type of boyfriends lite for a time i suppose, and I also dont believe that wouldve happened if hed been coming through the exact same straight but confused as to the reasons We dont care if we get up spooning angle as me personally.

Day found the blog by chance the other. We identify as Bi and my companion of almost 2 full decades identifies as straight, yet during the last week he asked us to rest with him although we had been both drunk, i did so it and absolutely nothing ever felt natural, i believe for both of us, yet now he appears to be avoiding me personally damn labels and damn the confusion, i understand whom i will be, but my bff appears to not in which he possesses gf to top all of it down therefore Im an awful individual, but as you appear to concur with there was that trust, that closeness that just brothers appear to be in a position to make use of. And from now on Im confused about my emotions me feel so not alone in my situation : for him too : ( but, reading your site is nice to make )

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