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The school has substantially grown over the years and has achieved many a milestone of excellence. Driven by its vision and mission, innovative practices and dedication to core principles and values, the school has made a significant difference in education sector and emerged as a model institution for quality education delivery. It has set standards not only for other educational institutions but also provides guidelines for future development. The focus of the school on quality education and hard work of our faculty and students have enabled the school to make a mark at the national levels.

Building a world class education institution and nurturing it is an exciting and challenging task. It involves major policy initiatives as well as meticulous execution. Despite remarkable reputation and public image of our school, there is a need to completely revamp it in terms of direction, focus and management in attaining and maintaining excellence. The school has been constantly upgrading existing programmes, launching new innovative programmes and developing required infrastructural facilities for conducting academic programmes and activities effectively. The teachers, administrators and students have been putting concerted efforts in their respective spheres of activities for developing superior learning facilities. The school has also established two modern computer labs in the name of DR SIR MOHAMMAD IQBAL COMPUTER LAB AND MAULANA AZAD COMPUTER LAB. These computer labs will help to develop superior systems for benefit of our students.

While we are constantly trying our utmost to provide best learning opportunity to students admitted IN OUR SCHOOL, we expect students to put themselves in learning process and make best use of the available facilities and opportunities. This shall enable them to become members of a responsible learning community with high quality scholarship and a strongĀ  sense of responsibility towards the society. Moreover, it shall help them to develop superior capabilities to manage processes of change and uncertainty.

I look forward to welcome all the hard working and bright students in the SCHOOL campus.

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